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Running Man Ice Bucket Challenge ~

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Monopoly: Pokemon Kanto Edition 

Release Date: 8/30/2014 ($44.99) 

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sorry i only date pokemon masters

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#most importantly look how good mars looks
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*suddenly hears rain really loud outside* let’s go back…….back to the beginning………………

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Sooyoung’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge - She does not just do the challenge itself, she takes the time to upload seven videos to explain the cause and increase awareness, detail the ways to donate to ALS and do the challenge. Forever an inspiration; and I’ll always proud to be your fan ♥

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make me choose: ggg or A performances (asked by anonymous)

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All I got out of today’s episode, tbh

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L.Joe at KCON press conference

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My laptop is hotter than my sex life

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Everyone shut up. They love DBSK.